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On Sat, 10 Dec 2005, Valdis Krebs wrote:

>> Idiro Customer Intelligence uses call data to deconstruct the customer 
>> network into social groups and assigns a role to each person in their 
>> social circle. This allows the marketer to make tactical use of buzz and 
>> viral marketing concepts.
> So, who is selling them phone records and what is in them?
> I bet the intelligence community would love to use this product to sell 
> "tropical vacations" in Gitmo!  ;-)

Apparently everybody is selling, and lots of folks are buying:

From the article:

Think your mate is cheating? For $110, will provide you 
with the outgoing calls from his or her cell phone for the last billing 
cycle, up to 100 calls. All you need to supply is the name, address and 
the number for the phone you want to trace. Order online, and get 
results within hours.

Rob Carlson  [log in to unmask]

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