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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
24-30 April 2006

The International Sunbelt Social Network Conference XXVI, sponsored 
by the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA) will
take place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with Symposia on 
April 24-25, Workshops April 25-26, Papers April 26-30, 2006. 

Workshops are scheduled to start on Tuesday, April 25 in the afternoon 
and continue Wednesday, April 26 in the morning. General paper sessions 
will begin on Wednesday the 26th in the afternoon and finish on Sunday,
the 30th.

The Keynote Speaker will be Edward Laumann, and a plenary lecture will
be given by the winner of the first Visual Path competition.


We invite you to propose or chair a session by letting us know at your
earliest convenience via [log in to unmask]

To chair a session, please select from the list below or propose a 
topic of your interest that isn't on the list.

Algorithms and Analytic Methods
Applications of p*
Characteristics of Ethnic Personal Nets
Co-Evolution of Knowledge Networks
Cognition and Networks
Collecting Network Data
Computer Networks as Social Networks
Corporate and Inter-Organizational Networks
Deviant and Criminal Networks
Dynamics of social networks 
Evolution of Social Networks
Focus on the Alters
Infectious Diseases and Social Networks
Informant Accuracy
Interlocking Directorates
International Networks
Intra-Organizational Networks
Kinship and Family Networks
Large Scale Networks
Mathematical Models
Mergers, Alliances and Partnerships
Methods and Statistics
Micro-Macro Link
Network Visualization
Networks and Game Theory
Networks and Infectious Diseases
Networks and Science
Networks and Social Systems
Networks Through Time
Networks, Collective Action & Social Movements
New Analytic Answers
On-Line Communities
Partnership, Cooperation, Competition
Personal Community Networks
Politics and Networks Structures
Powerful Experiments
Research using position generator 
Sex, Diseases and Networks
Social Capital 
Social Influence and Diffusion
Social Support
Status, Wealth, Power and Control
The Individual Networks of Managers
Trust, Uncertainty and Advantage
Women, Men and Research Networks

REGISTRATION     (US$) Dec 15   March 1    April 1 
Regular INSNA member      $70       $80        $90
Regular non-member       $120      $135       $150
Student                   $55       $50        $60

In-absentia INSNA member  $25
In-absentia non-member    $40


The conference will be held at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites at 
Stanley Park, 1763 Comox St. The hotel is located in Vancouver's <>
trendy West End which offers the convenience and flavor of its true
neighborhood. Over looking English Bay and Stanley Park the hotel is
close to a  variety of specialty restaurants, shops and services.

Make a room reservation on the Sunbelt conference page by clicking
on Hotel Registration. To get the conference rate, enter "network" 
where the form says "Booking code". The room prices quoted below
are in $CDN. 

Comfort Room -      $165 Single/ Double
One Bedroom Suite - $185 Single/ Double 

*** Conference rates for the hotel are in effect (3) days pre and post
event (reservation in advance will be required) ***


A banquet that you will enjoy, remember, and probably write home about
will be held at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 27th. US$55

WORKSHOPS (not a final list)

Wouter de Nooy, Andrej Mrvar, and Vladimir Batagelj
-- Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek

Stephen Borgatti and Martin Everett 
-- Introduction to the Analysis of Network Data via UCINET, Pajek and NetDraw

Barry Wellman
-- Networks for Newbies

Andrew Seary and Bill Richards 
-- Multinet

Allen Tien, Chris McCarty, Emmanuel Koku, and Paul Broome 
-- SocioMetrica Suite -- EgoNet, LinkAlyzer, VisuaLyzer

Christian Steglich
-- The Analysis of Longitudinal Social Network Data or Dynamics of Networks and Behaviour

Garry Robins, Pip Pattison, Dave Hunter (Penn State), maybe others from the
University of Washington
-- p* and statnet (which among other things can estimate the models)


Abstracts are to be submitted electronically via the Sunbelt XXVI
website (go to, click Sunbelt XXVI, click Abstract Subission),
and need to be received no later than January 16th, 2006.


Sunbelt XXVI Local Committee (first incarnation)
 Bill Richards   [log in to unmask]
 Sheila McCarthy   [log in to unmask]
 Timothy R. Huerta   [log in to unmask]

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