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I am relatively new to SNA.  But i am fascinated with its capabilities 
as an analytic technique.  I hope my question does not sound too basic:

i have spent quite a few long nights searching and reading information 
about SNA.  But, couldn't find what i need:

I need a tool that can help me do some internet research.  More 
specifically, i want to be able to link to discussion boards or mailing 
lists (e.g. listserv archives) and automatically get a matrix that i can 
input to the standard SNA software (e.g. NetMiner).  If that is not 
possible, maybe a software that can look at one of my e-mail folders and 
get a matrix (who replied to whom) out of it.

Thanks in advance for any tips on how (if possible) to do this.

I did take a look at issuecrawler, interesting tool but i am not sure it 
can do what i want to do.



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