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> In general, this has always been my biggest sticking point with most
> software 'applications' (UCInet, Pajek, NetMiner) as opposed to the more
> versatile but difficult-to-learn software 'environments' such as R's SNA
> package, GUESS and JUNG. Currently I'm using a mix of all the latter.
> Nevertheless, I would prefer a simple point and click interface so long as
> I don't have to click the same thing for every egonet.

  In Pajek you can do this at least partially using Pajek's
  repetitive options - see page 71 in the manual
  For ego-nets you can store them into single network either
  each ego-net as a new relation (in multi-relational network) or,
  if you have different relations inside ego-nets, you can determine
  each ego-net by a partition. Then you can extract all ego-nets
  into a sequence of ego-nets. You can apply selected
  procedures on each ego-net from this sequnce using repetitive
  options. The computed characteristics of ego-nets are stored
  in vectors that can be exported to R or SPSS and used in
  statistical analyses there.

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