Hello, All. 

As I was saying, the day started well.

I was heading to a celebration and decided to swing
through a development where I had discovered Hooded
Mergansers a couple years ago. This was because I
found a pair just north of Orlando on Friday night and
wondered if they were more than one spot. 

No luck on the Mergansers but a Pied-billed Grebe was
near a fountain and up popped a Grebe of a Different
Color. Closer looks revealed it to be a Horned Grebe!
Only seen them over at the coast last year. 

It was in a small retention pond in a development
called Windsong. Best directions without going into
massive detail is it used to be part of Genius Drive
property off of Aloma and Lakemont in Winter Park.
Don't know how long it will stay or how much they wold
like tons of drive throughs, but...

After already finding Northern Shoveler, Hooded
Merganser, Canvasback, and Horned Grebe all this far
inland already I would like to encourage everyone to
scan any small body of water they pass to see what
else turns up. 

Could be the year of the lake birds...

Andrew Boyle 
Orlando, FL

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