I had an opportunity to carefully study the geese at SMNWR (Wakulla Co)
this morning.  There were a total of 28 "white" geese:  10 adult white
morph, 2 white juvenile, 5 dark juvenile, 7 adult blue (or various
mixtures), 2 no doubt about it adult Ross' Geese, 1 small individual that 
has field marks like an immature Ross' with a small bill, and 1 and
intermediate sized individual with similar markings, but with a larger bill. 

The adult Ross' were obviously smaller than the Snow Geese, and just a
bit larger than a conveniently placed Mallard.  They were obviously
cuter, and much more delicate in their feeding, more likely to pick at
the surface than to duck under water.   Also tended to swim with their
heads tipped downwards, almost like a swan.  

Have fun,

Tom Curtis
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