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ALABAMA archives show range of greeting cards
The Decatur Daily - Decatur,AL,USA
... These cards, some dating to the early 1900s, are stored at the 
Department of Archives and History. "Best Wishes To You-all ...

U of M Bible found to be a rare King James original
Winnipeg Free Press (subscription) - Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
... Daniel Greatorex. "The discovery is a nice Christmas present," said
Shelley Sweeney, head of archives and special collections in the 
libraries. ...

DIGITAL ePaper gets one step closer - UK
... The content can be stored in four different archives (eg My 
My books). These archives can be quickly accessed using ...

FEDS lost secret papers
Ottawa Sun - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
... to hunt down the scores of sensitive, classified documents in what
... upside down to find the missing government papers. ... the hunt for
the AWOL documents, and each ...

CUSTOMERS' lost bank info found - Detroit,MI,USA
... A year ago, Bank of America lost tapes with charge card information
for 1.2 government card holders while sending the information to a 
 data center. ...

BRAZIL opens military era files
BBC News - UK
... Instead, his defence minister claimed the army had destroyed all the
files. ... The newly-released documents are in 13 steel archives and 
than 1,200 boxes. ...

Officials' E-Mails on Private Computers Are Open to Public, Council 
Mary P. Gallagher
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Public access to government records extends to e-mails on public 
officials' personal computers, the Government Records Council has 
"[T]he definition of a government record is not restricted by the 
location of the record," the GRC concluded on Dec. 8 in Meyers v. Fair 
Lawn, No. 2005-127.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal - Fairfield,NJ,USA
... create a major risk or exposure to the organization (ie, invoices,
contracts, customer statements, etc.) This includes paper, electronic
records (including e ...

MORGAN archivist loved to dig up past
Huntsville Times - Huntsville,AL,USA
... those nuggets. Susan Bzdell, Morgan County archivist for 10 years,
died Saturday at a Decatur hospital after surgery. She was 53. A ...

UNDELETE those deleted emails, FOIA ruling tells Government
Register - London,England,UK
... theory this means that data that can be undeleted, restored from 
or reconstructed by specialists can still be supplied in response to 
requests, in ...

Rutland Herald - Rutland,VT,USA
... Vermont State Employees Association, which has correctly concluded
that good government is jeopardized when government denies public access
to public documents ...

RIGHT to information sans intimidation
News Today - India
... form'. This provision requires public officials to provide copies of
public documents to anyone who has a right to inspect them. ...

MARY Penner: Old letters reveal the juicy details of life
Albuquerque Tribune - Albuquerque,NM,USA
... vicinity. The best sources, however, for letters and diaries are at
state archives and in college and university manuscript collections. ...

CAPSULE reveals artifacts from bygone time
Edmonton Journal - Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
... and double sealed in 75 brown envelopes - until the archives moved
to its ... things and all have some value," provincial government 
archivist Wendy McGee ...

UPMC storing data with IBM
Pittsburgh Business Times - Pittsburgh,PA,USA
... UPMC's data storage need is massive: capacity is needed to store 
records for 1.6 million patients, a group that grows by as much as 
patients ...

Expatica, Thu, 22 Dec 2005 8:08 AM PST
Vatican opens up secrets of forbidden books list

MUENSTER, GERMANY - The Vatican has opened up to German historians the
secret records associated with the Catholic Church's former Index of 
Books, revealing that well-loved books of the 19th century nearly came 

Durango Herald, Tue, 20 Dec 2005 6:50 AM PST
Archiving history

Volunteer Jan Lips scanned 2,792 postcards from the Nina Heald Webber
Southwest Colorado Collection. She scanned both sides of each card 
which meant a
total of 5,584 passes. The results of her industry can now be seen 

Peter A. Kurilecz
Richmond, Va
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