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Science News, Fri, 23 Dec 2005 2:07 PM PST
Rediscovered photos provide a look inside the 1925 Scopes evolution
The July afternoon was oppressively hot in Dayton, Tenn. After a steamy
morning session in the county courthouse, the judge had ordered that 
the trial
of teacher John T. Scopes be moved outdoors.

Father Christmas found dead in Essex churchyard (not really)

Alarming evidence that Father Christmas died in 1564 has turned up in
the records of a country church.

The News-Press, Fri, 23 Dec 2005 9:00 AM PST
Ford's link to Koreshans strengthened

An obscure, yellowed piece of newsprint is the latest piece of evidence
to link industrialist Henry Ford to a Southwest Florida cult that once 
the world was hollow.

PERSONAL Information of 70,000 Employees Stolen from Ford - New York,NY,USA
... February 2005: Bank of America reported that a small number of 
tapes containing records of the personal financial information of 

JAIL workers deleted files
Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA,USA
... after he was contacted by the commonwealth's attorney's office and
told his name had been mentioned in connection with suspected 
of records at the ...

WINDOWS Vista: Beware of Metadata Slips
eWeek - Woburn,MA,USA
A feature expected in the next version of Windows that will allow users
to tag documents and other files with "metadata" could lead to 
information ...

RETRIEVAL of BTK letters proving tough - KS,USA
... Although there are no public documents that hint where the letters
might be, the only current activity in the case is Attorney General 
Kline's ...

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