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> Peter,
> In this respect IT is no different to any other business unit, and in fact
> many IT decisions are unfortunately made outside of IT.

I think that this type of incident may be going away. I suspect it is
a result of demands being made upon the IT infrastructure and
Sarbanes-Oxley. As much as I dislike SoX I am glad that it forced
organizations to identify their systems and the associated controls
(if they existed).

More and more if a department wants to put a new system on an
organization's network, the system must be approved by the IT
department. At my last employer I had to fill out reams of paperwork
so that a piece of software could use the company's network resources.
And the software had to be tested by the IT dept to make sure it
wouldn't greatly affect the network. The sad part was that the
software was an OTS product and the required paperwork was what one
would use if you were developing a system from the ground up.

slowly but surely IT departments are being forced to recognize that
they do create and mantain records and that their records fall under
the records retention programs.
Peter Kurilecz CRM, CA
Richmond, Va

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