Hi Jim,
Ownership and custodialship are two different things.  The functional group
that is responsible for the information is the owner.  This is usually the
primary user or creator (i.e. Accounts Receivable Invoices, General Ledger,
email etc.).  The custodian is the functional group that manages the
storage, access and retrieval process (i.e. Records Management, IT or the
functional group where they retain electronic records in a shared drive
assigned to the group or on removable media.  If it is in your "hands" you
are the custodian).  This is no different than a commercial records center -
they are not the owner, just the custodian.  The custodian must retain the
information in compliance with the Records Retention Schedule which includes
the retention requirements of secondary users.

The records belonging to IT are the records they create doing their job
- per the examples Laura gave.  Many IT records are very critical because
they document the electronic systems.

I don't know why functional groups have difficulty accepting the ownership
concept.  I once had an Accounting Manager tell me that once he sent the
documents to storage they were my problem and he had no responsibility for
them.  However, they change their tune when they need the records.

We are assigning ownership to the SAP archive objects.  They will belong to
the functional group who is responsible for the data.
Good luck,

On 12/23/05, Sweeney, Jim <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>        I am seeking assistance on IT records. Specifically, which records
> would they be the "owners" of and thus listing them on a records inventory
> report. Our IT department has stated that they don't own any records. Who is
> responsible for reporting on backup tapes? for example. Any help would be
> appreciated.
>    Jim
> Happy Holidays to all !
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