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An INSNA member tells me that NSA uses Analysts Notebook 6,
which is a product of the ostensibly British based I2 software company.

I2 says it markets AN widely to law enforcement, etc. Has some over-time

Here's where it gets more interesting.
I2 is part of the same corporate group as ChoicePoint, based in Atlanta

ChoicePoint reportedly has one of the world's biggest databases on
individuals: ID #s, driver's license, credit card transactions, insurance,

ChoicePoint sells to large corporations -- and to government investigative
bodies. (This way, FBI, etc can say they don't keep dossiers on everyone
-- they just buy/rent them!).

So we have the same corporation able to provide the network linkage
info -- and the dossiers on the individual nodes. Talk about one-stop

You may recall the name ChoicePoint from another context. In November
2004, there was a huge e-theft there of a large chunk of its files.

Conspiracy theorists may wonder who stole the files and for what purpose.

All this from 30 minutes Googling around on a rainy day.


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