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> > I agree with this. Not only is it standard usenet/internet practice, but 
> > questions, answers and dialog thus sparked about topics brought before 
> > the group are rather the point of having an email discussion list, 
> > afaic. Especially where there is specialized expertise to be shared.
> >
> > I would also prefer that the default reply mode be to LIST rather than 
> > poster, for same reasons noted above.

> discussions of reply-to-list vs. reply-to-poster tend to set off a 
> flamewar on most lists.
> please take it elsewhere.

If the listowner informs me that meta-discussions are inappropriate for
this list, I will refrain from such comments. In the meanwhile, it
seems a perfectly reasonable topic to me. I don't know what lists you
participate in but I've never yet seen this topic spark a flame war.
Nor do I think the type of people who post here are ones who will leap
to that extreme because of my comments. 


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