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I think most of us tire of this kind of discussion after we've seen it 
take place - fruitlessly - two or three dozen times.

If people want their messages to go to the list, or to a specific poster, 
they need to take individual responsibility for making sure that the right 
thing happens.  Making policy decisions of this sort on a list-wide basis 
typically appeases roughly half of the list's membership and annoys the 
heck out of the other half.

The whole discussion just isn't worth it.  It doesn't have anything to do 
with social networks, doesn't make the community "better" (other than in 
the eyes of elements who want things "their way"), and doesn't contribute 
to increasing the quality or quantity of relevant research.

I admit to being a little snippy in my last message - but I did mean what 
I said.


>> discussions of reply-to-list vs. reply-to-poster tend to set off a
>> flamewar on most lists.
>> please take it elsewhere.
> If the listowner informs me that meta-discussions are inappropriate for 
> this list, I will refrain from such comments. In the meanwhile, it seems 
> a perfectly reasonable topic to me. I don't know what lists you 
> participate in but I've never yet seen this topic spark a flame war. Nor 
> do I think the type of people who post here are ones who will leap to 
> that extreme because of my comments.

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