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I am revising a paper on imputation of skewed variables. This is not 
a network paper, but an example using network data would be very appropriate.

In particular, I'm seeking data with (at least) two repeated measures 
of popularity. A friendship network, say. At time one, each 
respondent in a group lists his or her friends, perhaps using a list, 
perhaps distinguishing among close friends, friends, and 
acquaintances. The people who get named the most are the most popular 
(highest indegree, perhaps with greater weight given to stronger 
ties). At time 2, the process is repeated. The correlation between 
time 1 and time 2 popularity scores is an index of stability.

What I like about this example is that popularity is (likely) very 
skewed, and the correlation between waves 1 and 2 is (likely) very 
strong. Also, there are likely to be missing values if (say) some 
people leave or join the group between waves, or if people are 
inadvertently left off the list of possible nominations. So it's 
exactly what I need for my paper: high skew, high correlation, and 
missing values that need imputing. (I realize there may be unique 
issues in imputing network data, but those are really beyond the 
scope of my paper.)

The Add Health data follows this format, but it's a bit of trouble to 
access and transform into the necessary form. Since I just need a 
simple example for a statistics paper, I'm seeking data sets that are 
smaller and ready to go. If one of you has something to share, I'd be 
grateful to hear about it.

Many thanks and best wishes --
Paul von Hippel

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