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Dear Cleidson de Souza,

I have been teaching network analysis to computer science students
for the last five years.  The focus is on the particular class of
approaches as opposed to standard graph theory and graph algorithms
courses.  Social networks are used as a motivation and in examples
throughout, but not covered as a topic by themselves.  In a nutshell,
this is rather different from the way we teach them to young researchers
(mostly) from the social sciences in the POLNET summer school :-)

I will be happy to discuss curricular issues and experiences, but
will not bother the list with details unless requested.

Best wishes,


On Sat, Jan 14, 2006 at 10:41:45PM -0300, Cleidson de Souza wrote:
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> 	does anyone have experience in teaching social networks for computer 
> science students?
> 	I am looking for a sample syllabus or any text(s) that you might  
> recommend. Something else that would be interesting is a paper that  
> shows how SNAs can be applied by these students. Any guidance would  
> be greatly appreciated.

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