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Happy New Year!

We have made some changes at JoSS, some technical, some editorial.  The 
mast head has been reworked, making it easier to navigate around the 
journal.  You might check it out:


Also, we have found that we are getting more and more submissions, 
resulting in more delays building up in parts of the publication system. 
To help deal with this, as of January 1, 2006, we have added a set of 
associate editors:

    * Devon Brewer, University of Washington
    * Martin Everett, University of Greenwich
    * Scott Feld, Purdue University
    * Jeffrey Johnson, East Carolina University
    * Garry Robins, University of Melbourne

I am particularly happy that these scholars have agreed to fill this role. 
They will be responsible for sending submissions out for review and writing 
decision letters.  We will still take submissions here and distribute them 
to an appropriate associate editor to begin the review process.

JoSS has three papers that are "in press" (they have already been accepted 
and are going through our publication process here at CMU).  Part of the 
reason for this editorial expansion is that we have been delayed too long 
in this publication stage and I need to devote more time and attention to 
finding a stable solution to this part of the problem.


David Krackhardt, Professor of Organizations, editor of JoSS
Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, and
    The Tepper School of Business
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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