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Considering the historic foundations woven behind SNA include economics,
sociology, psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology, mathematics, and
computer sciences and the key players, past, present and emerging, then
social network analysis is....... evolving.

The many facets and areas of interest displayed on SOCNET begin to
differentiate a range of emphases.My own applications are in individual
professional development and group and organisation development. I'm
astonished at the range of applications apparent in SOCNET discussions. Some
are relevant to my applications, others I can't relate to at all.

Some distinctions I see are SNA researchers building a body of knowledge,
and creating theory.  Practitioners use principles and theories in their
applications and add to the body of knowledge.  Some of this is now written
and published, and enormous amounts is in stories yet to be shared.

SOCIAL network analysis provides us with some methods to research, display
and assess existing relationship networks. Our language is evolving.

We are working with something, that up until now, has been invisible -
people's relationships - and my view is any analysis is undertaken in a way
we create greater vitality for all those involved.

regards, Diana Jones

Better Relationships - Better Results
The Organisation Development Company
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