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As of today, Tuesday, January 17, we have received 338 abstract 
submissions. 20 of those were corrected versions of earlier ones and two 
of them were not real abstracts, so there are abstracts for 316 papers.

You can see all of the abstracts if you go to  and click on 

* Conference Papers Search*

Many people submitted two or three abstracts for which they were the 
only author or the senior author. The Sunbelt FAQ page at says:

    * *Is there a limit on single/multiple-authored submissions?
      - We're probably going to accept only one single-authored paper
      from each person and there probably will be a similar restriction
      on the number of papers on which you can be the senior author.
      It's too soon to tell with certainty, though, as we haven't got a
      real sense of how many submissions we'll be receiving.

    * *Is there a limit on the number of submissions per author? A
      colleague and I are planning 2 joint submissions. She will be the
      first author on one, and I will be the first author on the other.
      If both were accepted, we would both do the presentations.
      - Please see the answer to the previous question. You and your
      colleague will be okay since each of you will be the senior author
      of only one paper.*

As we attempt to put these 316 papers, together with the ones that will 
be coming in over the next few days (we know that some of you missed the 
deadline because you were skiing fresh powder snow and couldn't 
contemplate leaving the mountain, because there was a compelling 13-part 
miniseries on television that you couldn't leave because it had sunk its 
tentacles into your consciousness, or because you are still not 
completely recovered from the hangover caused by exuberant New Year's 
Eve celebrations) into sessions in a way that gives each paper 30 
minutes, that has absolutely no more than six (preferably five) 
concurrent sessions, that allows a two-hour lunch break every day 
(except maybe Saturday), that has no session beginning before 8:30am 
(preferably 9:00) and no session ending after 5:30 pm, we may have too 
many papers to fit into the available time.

It is likely that we will drop some papers from the program because they 
aren't about social networks, they don't make sense, they have obviously 
been lifted from the internet, or for some other reason that convinced 
us that they don't belong on the program.

If we still have too many papers for the available time, we may have to 
ask those of you who submitted multiple single-author papers which one 
you would rather keep on the conference program. At the same time, we 
may ask those of you who submitted multiple papers for which you are the 
senior author which paper would you like us to drop from the program or 
which one of the secondary authors will have their name attached as the 
person who will present the paper at the conference.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm in preparing work for the 
Sunbelt Conference and for giving some advance thought to prioritizing 
your submissions, just in case the possibility becomes reality.

with my best regards

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