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My friend Connie Porter at Notre Dame (she writes with me for
	Centrality --- )
	sent this to me.

Our own Barry Wellman is one of the authors on this.

The website of the full report is given below in this
	forwarded email note.


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> The Pew Internet & American Life Project today released a report
> describing how the internet improves Americans' capacity to maintain
> their social networks and how they gain a big payoff when they use the
> internet to activate those networks to solicit help.
> The report is based on two surveys and finds that the internet and  
> email
> expand and strengthen the social ties that people maintain in the
> offline world. The surveys show that people not only socialize online,
> but they also incorporate the internet into their quest for  
> information
> and advice as they seek help and make decisions.
> Disputing concerns that heavy use of the internet might diminish
> people's social relations, the report finds that the internet fits
> seamlessly with Americans' in-person and phone encounters. With the  
> help
> of the internet, people are able to maintain active contact with  
> sizable
> social networks, even though many of the people in those networks  
> do not
> live close to them.
> The report, "The Strength of Internet Ties," highlights how email
> supplements, rather than replaces, the communication people have with
> others in their network.
> The full report is available at:
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