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> I am trying to convert affiliation matrix from EXCELL into UCINET6. The
> program does not do it.  What could be the reason for it ?  I have varying
> sizes of matrices , some of them are 1200 actors x 300 events, but the
> smaller (145X49) are not converted as well.

Excel filter seems to depend on certain Microsoft-isms that no longer
exist in modern
versions of MS Office; exporting Excel into an older format (Excel
'97) might help but most
likely will not - it looks like certain "features" in the format were
"fixed" by MS.

I would suggest exporting to a text file (CSV) and importing that -
or, if all else fails, exporting
to a text file, writing DL headers by hand and importing the resulting
DL file (see manual for
DL format).

Yes, this is a pain. And a bug in the software. Steve Borgatti, can
you hear us? :-)


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