Thanks for all repliers. :) I present a list of the answers I've received and my question.

0. my question

Hi All-

I have a inter-computer communication network data over times for 1 year by 
2 month term. Classical SNA softwares like UciNET, NetMiner seem to don't 
support that data. After socnet & google searching, I found 'SoNIA', 
'GUESS', 'Pajek' are good tools for Visualizing time-event network, 'Siena' 
is a good tool for Analyzing time-event network.

But, are those all? 
Is there only one tool enabling network-analysis for time event network?

Would you give me some more references?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
Best Regards
Se Kwon, Kim

1. from [Joshua O'Madadhain]

If you want a _tool_--that is, a finished application that has certain specified capabilities--then you know as much as I do about what's available.

However, if you have specific analyses that you want to perform that aren't covered by an existing tool, JUNG is good for that; I've used  it in this way for my own research on a continuing basis.  It works  great as long as you're willing to write at least some code.

2. from [Kathleen Carley]

you could analyze it with ORA, and visualize changes in net stats with ORA - see and then go to tools

3. from [Kai Fischbach]

Hi Kim,

You should also have a closer look at TeCFlow:


4. from [Peter A. Gloor]

Kim Se Kwon,
you might also want to try TeCFlow:

If you are interested, I will mail you the most recent version. 


5. from [Stanley Wasserman]

take a look at the chapter on longitudinal networks in carrington, scott, and wasserman (2005) (as well as the chapter on software)


6. from [[log in to unmask]]

Se Kwon,
    Yes,  I use the Galileo System for modelling longitudinal networks. I works best with networks with a completely interconnected netwrok, with a density of 1.0. See Barnett & Rice in Social Networks mid 1980s
and my article in American Behaavioral Science 2002.  I've develop some animation software to show changes in networks that I hope to present at Sunbelt this April.

George Barnett