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What is an efficient strategy for importing large datasets into pajek when
the data includes edgelists with weighted edges and nodal attributes?

I have dug around the Pajek pages, the socnet archive, and various Pajek
instructional materials online, but I have not found a clear answer to this
basic question.

My data is currently in excel:

Sender  recipient  edge_weight  sender_type  recip_type
  1       597          7          A           A
  1       805          3          A           B
  1     14022          7          A           B
597         1          6          A           A
597     14022          1          A           B

. . . .

So far, the best I have come up with is:  figure out how to assign
sequential node numbers to the existing labels for senders and recipients,
recode the sender and recipient types into Pajek color codes, output to
CSV, drop into notepad, and do a series of find and replaces to shape the
format to be like like examples of .net files found online.

I would really appreciate alternatives to the shoddy 'find and
replace' solution.

Thanks in advance,


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