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Thank you for your quick reply.  I am afraid that I do not see the bearing
of "How to 6" on importing data.  Perhaps you meant "How to 5"?

From "How to 5" I see that Txt2Pajek allows introduction of edge
attributes-- including weight.  The other two inputs also refer to line
information.  Is there a way use these input fields to specify node
attributes (like interior color) for the nodes in Column 1 and Column 2?  I
experimented a bit and the fourth and fifth fields generated edge data, not
data for the verticies.

If not, it seems like the TXT2Pajek tool would be much more powerful if it
had a structure that allowed the user to specify whether a column refered to
the tie or either vertex 1 or vertex 2 associated with that tie.

Anyways-- I am hoping there is an easy short term solution to
importing actor attributes as nodal information.

thanks again,


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