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A few weeks back I posted a request for articles/links on
interorganizational networks and economic development.  Thanks to
everyone who replied.  Below you can find a compilation of the cites and
links I received, as well as a couple we found in our



Armistead and Pettigrew (2004) Effective partnerships: building a sub
regional network of reflective practitioners, Journal of management,
v17, i7, p 571-585.


Brass, D.J., Galaskiewicz, J., Greve, H.R., & Tsui, W. (2004)  Taking
stock of networks and

organizations: A multilevel perspective. Academy of Management Journal,
47, 795-819.


Hagen, G., Killinger, D. K. and Streeter, R. B. (1997). An analysis of
communication networks 

among Tampa Bay economic development organizations. Connections, 20(2),


Hardy, C., Phillips, N., & Lawrence, T. B. (2003). Resources, knowledge
and influence: The organizational effects of interorganizational
collaboration. Journal of Management Studies, 40, 321-347.


Teigland, R., Hallencreutz, D., & Lundequist, P. (In press). Uppsala BIO
- the Life Science Initiative:  Experiences of and Reflections on
Starting a Regional Competitiveness Initiative.  In R. MacGregor (Ed.)
Small Business Clustering Technologies: Applications in Marketing,
Management, IT and Economics, London: Idea Group Inc. (contact
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Tiegland, R. & Lindqvist, G. (forthcoming). Seeing eye to eye: How do
public and private sector views of a Biotech cluster and its cluster
initiative differ? European Planning Studies. (contact
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Uzzi, B. (1997). Social structure and competition in interfirm networks:
The paradox of embeddedness. Administrative Science Quarterly, 42,


And From Valdis Krebs:


"Not an academic study, but I'm doing several network mapping projects
with econ devel firms in Ohio.  Here is a white paper on the first
project[how an econ devel firm helped local organizations connect for
economic benefit] and an older network map of NE Ohio econ devel firms
and their collaborations and support [The undirected links are
partnerships/collaborations, and the directed links are money/ resource




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