Spent yesterday in Okeechobee Florida. In the afternoon about 5 miles
east off Hwy 70, I saw high numbers of vultures, hawks, and Sandhill
Cranes soaring overhead.

Noteworthy where 3 dark morphs of the Short-tailed Hawk. These birds
were soaring high and apparently engaged in a territory display. Diving
at each other and several times almost grabbing each others talons while
twisting and tumbling about.

Also at one time I counted 200 Sandhill Cranes flying high overhead in
"V" formations. The total passing overhead in a 1/2 hour could have been
over 500. Do migrating sandhills travel that far south in Florida? I had
assumed they did not go south of Pasco.

Ken Tracey     [log in to unmask]
New Port Richey, FL

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