Fred Bassett will be making a pass through central Florida next weekend to
band hummingbirds. He's tentatively planning on being in Valrico on Sunday
morning (January 15th). Other stops will be in Lutz and Brooksville. I've
received very few reports of hummers for banding this year compared to
others. I'm surprised because I have more hummers than ever in my yard and
they're all feeding at feeders.

If you have hummingbirds feeding at feeders that Fred would be able to try
to band please e-mail me at [log in to unmask] (or phone at 813-689-9967) or
e-mail Fred at [log in to unmask] This request includes all areas in central
Florida as Fred has annually banded the east coast (Titusville) to central
Florida (Lakeland) to the west (Valrico) and north to Gainesville (as well
as across north Florida and the Panhandle). He hasn't banded south of here
because we haven't received enough reports to warrant that trip. Please
report all available hummers wherever they are. If we don't get to them this
time the information may help with the next time.

A couple of photos of my female Rufous are posted on a Web Page at:
(this also includes a couple of pictures of Benjamin's Christmas)

If you're not using a web based e-mail, you should be able to access the two
photos with the following links:
You can see the band on the leg in the top photo.



Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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