At Apopka today I had; Fork-tailed, Scissor-tailed, Ash-throated and 
Least Flycatchers plus Phoebe, Western(34) and Cassin's (1-2) Flycatchers.

All the flycatchers were at their previously reported locations with the 
Fork-tailed observed by 15+ people.

Also Field, Grasshopper,Savanah, Vesper, White-crowned, Song and Swamp 

There were 2 nighthawks (sp?) observed feeding at the back of the field 
were the kingbirds roost.  Someone needs to go out to the back of the 
field at dusk and see if they can get a positive ID as to species.  Now 
that Larry Manfredi has documented Common's, Lesser cannot be assumptive 
although probable.

Murray Gardler
9400 Merriweather Drive
Brooksvile, FL 34613-4271

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