I just went to a NARA class last week and heard some ideas about 
"Spring cleaning." We are looking into this as well. She did mention that
they started with all the non-records. They collected all of the non-records
in one place and took a picture at the end. People were surprised at the quantity of paper.
They had the managers spring for pizza, always a motivator for our group.
I would be interested in hearing how you do with this enormous project!

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I'm pretty sure that this topic has been discussed in the past but my 
search of the archives has netted me nothing.      We are in the planning 
stages of our first ever, but soon to be annual,  records clear out day.   
Employees are going to be encouraged to come to work in jeans, make no 
plans for meetings etc, and spend the day clearing our their offices, 
personal drives, shared drives -- all in accordance with our retention 

Being the first ever, we need to 'rally the troops' and get some 
enthusiasm going.   Any suggestions on how we can accomplish this? 
Balloons??  Brass band??

I should mention that we are looking to motivate approx 1800 employees at 
3 sites and have received full executive approval.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Barbara Wyton
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