We will have our next monthly meeting this Wednesday evening, February
15th, at 6 pm at the Energy Park.  We will meet in the same building as last
time, which happens to have the outstanding name of - World House!  You can
find it on the campus map:  The Energy Park is on
SW 23rd Terr and is served by RTS Buses #9 (Lexington Crossing) and #35


This meeting will be for society business only.  Items on the agenda for
Wednesday are:


1.	Constitution - Please take a look at the attached constitution and
we'll see if it needs anything or is ready to go.
2.	E-Week - we need people for the table.  We also need to finalize
what will be on said table.  We have a variety of digesters that can be set
up with different feedstocks.  Unfortunately, we probably won't be allowed
to produce a flame inside the Union, so we will be limited to bubbles and
3.	Field Trips - We will get a rundown on the trip to the Dairy
Research Unit last week and plan the next trip.  Options include another
visit with a local producer of Biodiesel who has a backyard still, and a
more ambitious trip down to the Lakeland-Bartow area to tour an industrial
Biodiesel and Ethanol plants.  Another option is the Bio-Energy Recovery
Systems at the Anheuser-Busch in Jacksonville.
4.	Digester Working Group - well get a update on how the digesters of
invasive plants are coming along
5.	Integrated Campus Plan - for the truly ambitious!  The Office of
Sustainability has a new director and we can now start to get serious about
the vision of doing something with all the organic wastes that UF generates
- terrestrial and aquatic vegetation, dining hall food scraps and the water
treatment plant biosolids.  We should have an interesting discussion!




Pertinent points:


What: BEST Society Monthly Meeting

Where: World House at the UF Energy Park

When: 6 pm

What: Society business and Pizza!









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