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For those of you who missed Dr. Mark T. Brown’s lecture, “Net Energy of Bioenergy / Biofuels Options Using Emergy Models:” Dr. Brown’s PowerPoint presentation and related documents will be posted on the Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology Society (BESTS) website by March 3rd.

Reference: Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology Society at the University of Florida:

Next lecture in the Bioenergy / Biofuels Lecture series: Ethanol Fuels
Topic: “Fueling Florida's Future with Ethanol from Biomass”
Lecturer: Dr. Lonnie Ingram
Date: March 7th @ 2-3 PM
Place: New Physics Building, Room 2205


See attached file: Farrell06. 
Farrell AE, Plevin RJ, Turner BT, Jones AD, O'Hare M, Kammen DM. 
(2006). Ethanol can contribute to energy and environmental goals.
Science. 311(5760):506-8.

See attached file: NBBJuly05. 
National Biodiesel Board. (July 2005). Response to David Pimentel Biodiesel Life Cycle Analysis.

Piedmont Biofuels Co-op Energy Balance Study:

See attached file: Patzek04.
T. Patzek. (2004; Rev. 2/22/2006). Thermodynamics of the Corn-Ethanol Biofuel Cycle. Critical Review in Plant Science. 23(6):519-567 Retrieved 2/24/06 from

See attached file: Pim.&Patz.05. 
D. Pimentel and T.W. Patzek. (2005). Ethanol Production Using Corn, Switchgrass, and Wood; Biodiesel Production Using Soybean and Sunflower. Natural Resources Research. 14(1):65-76.

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See attached file: Savage06. 
Neil Savage. (2006). SWITCHGRASS TO GAS? MIT Technology Review

J. Sheehan. (July 14, 2005). Are Biofuels Sustainable? National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Retrieved 2/24/06 from toolbox/pdfs/sheehan_webcast.pdf


**Message from Mark Robinson, FREEDOM FUELS, INC. **

FFI is currently in search of a retail location to partner with to bring Biodiesel into the community.

The ideal would be somewhere where they are excited about BioD and have a convenient location.

An interim option may be for the interest group to coop to share a 'non-commercial' site.

Suggestions are welcome.

Have a great weekend!

Mark A. Robinson


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