I'd like to head out on the following road trip and have room for a few
students.  From what I remember Dr. Reyes studies the Jovian system.  Read
on and let me know if you would like to join me on Sunday Feb. 26th.

Dr. Garlitz, GARC faculty advisor

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The following directions were provided by Dr. Reyes for the February 26th 
field trip.  They will posted as a MS Word document on the GARS website at 
Ray's convenience.

Instructions for Driving to the University of Florida Radio Observatory 
(UFRO) from Gainesville.

The radio observatory is located in Dixie County, about 50 miles west of 
Gainesville, off highway 349, near Old Town.  Dr. Reyes estimates it takes 
an hour to drive from Gainesville to the UFRO.

1.	From Gainesville take highway 26 (Newberry road). Drive through
and Trenton.

2.	Once you reach Wilcox, there is a smooth curve to the left. Follow
curve and keep driving until you reach highway 19-27-98

3.	Make a right turn into highway 19. You will be driving through
Springs. The agricultural inspection station will be on your left. Drive 
over the Suwannee River bridge and keep driving on 19 for about 0.8 miles 
after you pass the bridge, until you reach state road 55A. Road 55A is on 
your left. Right in the corner of 19 and 55A there is a store with the name 
"Dixie Nut House". Make a left turn into 55A and drive for about 1.2 miles. 
You will pass the Old Town Elementary School on your right. If you miss 55A,

keep driving for about a mile until you reach the traffic light. That is the

intersection of 19 and 349. Make a left turn into 349.

4.	After passing the school, you will reach state road 349. Make a left
into road 349 and drive for about 4 miles. You will reach a smooth curve to 
the right. Right after the curve there used to be a UF blue sign similar to 
those found on campus. At the present only part of the sign is standing. The

aluminum posts and a small sign "2 miles" are still there. You will find a 
temporary "UFRO" sign on the posts. Right after the UF sign there is a dirt 
road and a street sign 310 SE Ave. in the corner. Make a right turn into the

dirt road and drive for about 2.3 miles.

5.	There are no buildings or houses on that road, except the
which is the only group of buildings on your left. You cannot miss them. 
There is an 80-foot tower in the property.

6.	The observatory phone number is (352) 542-7772.

7.	Dr. Reyes personal cell phone number is (352) 262-1550.

Susan Ann Tipton
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