We are preparing for our Summer Enrollment program and I am exploring 
valuable activities for students who are not required to take any 
placement tests. In the past, we have used the SBI and a free online 
career assessment (which now has a fee associated with it) to help 
students learn more about themselves. We also gave students who finished 
testing early an opportunity to complete the free assessment. The two 
activities combined took anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on the 

Since the career inventory is no longer free, I am taking this opportunity 
to see if there might be something BETTER than what we've done in the past 
(to combine with the SBI or replace it). Our department, the Assessment 
and Learning Center provides resources on academic success as well as 
major/career exploration. As fewer students require placement tests, we 
will be providing this other option to more and more students. It may be 
something used with FYE courses or probation courses as well.

Ideally, we would like to help students learn more about themselves in a 
way that would enhance their academic success. ANY suggestions would be 
appreciated. Expense is an issue (LASSI is too expensive), but suggestions 
for a great video or student-led paper-pencil/online activity are much 

Thanks in advance!

Kamala Jolly Stewart 
Learning Center Specialist
Assessment & Learning Center

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