I second Winnie's note about Redrock Software's helpful tech support.

I also use TutorTrac; there are other good programs out there, like AccuTrack,
plus many learning centers have developed their own Access databases and/or
use Excel to record and summarize use.  I needed a program that could
incorporate a lot of information from the student record system (e.g., courses,
grades, demographics) in order to conduct program evaluations.  I also needed
something that could work for multiple locations and be adapted for different
kinds of learning center programs.
Pros: it's a complex program, so it allows for a lot of growth potential and
facilitates learning center management and evaluation.

Cons: it's a complex program, so it may take a while to learn all of its useful
features and connect it effectively to the student record system.

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From: Winnie Cooke
Date: Friday, March 17, 2006 4:01 pm
Subject: Re: AccuTrack v. TutorTrac
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> We are happy with TutorTrac at the University of Florida. 
> It allows
> students and tutors to schedule and track appointments from
> home, and we
> use TutorTrac for login in numerous locations/centers on campus
> without
> additional cost.  The technical support staff are very helpful.
> Winnie Cooke

Jan Norton, Director
Center for Academic Resources

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