At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, we have also been working with 
(or through?) these issues. Interestingly, more than 99% of our "adult 
learners" (arbitrarily defined as 25 years of age or older) are classified 
as transfer students, as any student admitted with *any* prior 
post-secondary education credits are classified this way, with the exception 
of PSEO. (There is internal discussion about this practice given the growing 
trend of high school students picking up college credit through avenues 
other than PSEO).

In working on these issues, I have found the "nontraditional" student 
category useful for thinking about adult learners and students within other 
classifications (like "transfer," "student-parent," etc.) that have similar 
needs. Some students have spun this language in an interesting way, calling 
themselves "nontrads."

A student organization similar to UW's "ENCORE" exists here ("Reentry 
Students") as means for students to connect and feel validated among their 
peers. An interdepartmental ad-hoc committee also exists to bring students, 
staff, faculty and administrators together on these issues, resulting in 
practical outcomes as well as visionary recommendations for improving our 
institution in ways consistent with the larger process of Strategic 
Positioning currently underway at the U of MN.

This committee created a Web site that has links to further resources that 
may be of interest:

Donald L Opitz, PhD
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