Dear Colleagues, 
A committee on our campus has been exploring the idea of using one's
major GPA as a factor in the calculation of academic standing. 
Currently, we calculate academic standing twice a year based on a
student's cumulative GPA at the end of the fall and spring terms.  If a
student's cumGPA drops below a 2.0, they are placed on academic
probation and are given 2 semesters to raise their cumGPA to a 2.0 or
they face academic disqualification.  Some committee members felt that
since our students are required to have an overall cumGPA of 2.0 as well
as a cumGPA of 2.0 in their major in order to graduate, that it would be
appropriate to use one's major GPA in the calculation of one's academic
standing.  Do any other schools use major GPA  as a measure of academic
standing in this way?  As an administrator who works with students on
academic probation, while I am in favor of notifying students of their
major GPA so that they can make informed decisions, I foresee many
potential problems with tying major GPA with academic standing.  Does
anyone have any thoughts on why this would be a good or bad idea?

Thanks for your input.

Stacy M. Gonzalez
Director of Academic Support Services
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13214
(315) 445-4118
(315) 445-6014 (FAX)

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