The University of Florida uses two measures to calculate the student's 
academic standard:  the cumulative GPA and Universal Tracking.  Students 
can be put on academic probation by the university  because of 
cumulative GPA or by his or her major department because the student is 
"off track."  UF established an elaborate tracking system for each major 
that students can access online to determine if they are "on track" and 
to see how changing majors would effect their progress toward 
graduation.  Students have been critical of tracking because they felt 
they were rushed through college and were not allowed to take as many 
electives as they would have liked.  However, the length of time it 
takes the average student to graduate has been reduced since the 
implementation of tracking.  See below:

> What is Universal Tracking?
>     * Universal tracking is the university's academic monitoring
>       system. Universal tracking monitors completion of courses
>       designated 'critical-tracking courses' with the required GPA and
>       in the semester or semesters indicated. If you do so, you are
>       considered to be 'on track' for the major.
> How many terms can I be off track for the same major?
>     * If you are off track consecutive fall and spring semesters you
>       must see an adviser to select a more appropriate major.

For additional information about tracking, see  An 
example of how a department might handle tracking can be found at

Winnie Cooke

Stacy Gonzalez wrote:

>Dear Colleagues, 
>A committee on our campus has been exploring the idea of using one's
>major GPA as a factor in the calculation of academic standing. 
> Do any other schools use major GPA  as a measure of academic
>standing in this way? 
>Stacy M. Gonzalez
>Director of Academic Support Services
>Le Moyne College
>1419 Salt Springs Rd.
>Syracuse, NY 13214
>(315) 445-4118
>(315) 445-6014 (FAX)

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