LSCHE is a great source for information like this.

Look at the Learner Assessment section and the Study Skills portion in
respectively. The SBI (listed under Study Skills on LSCHE) is one
alternative to LASSI that many use.

Alan Craig
Coordinator, Instructional Support Services
Georgia Perimeter College--Dunwoody Campus
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HI folks

I am in the process of writing a technology grant for our academic center
and would like to purchase some software to help assess student's
noncognitive skills. I have the information for ordering the LASSI but would
appreciate any other ideas this great list has to offer. I would prefer
software products as opposed to paper/pencil versions. 

You can respond off-list if you think this topic may not interest others.
Thank you!

Karyn L. Schulz

Coordinator of Tutoring

University of Baltimore

(410) 837-5387

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