Colleagues, if you would like to have a free book provided that you write a 
review of it, go to
 A list of books available for review follows in the forwarded post below.
BTW, book reviewing is a scholarly activity and becomes part of you resume . 

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Subject: Education Review Seeking Book Reviewers

> Dear Colleagues:
> The Education review is an open access, scholarly
> journal of reviews of books in education that has published
> over 1,500 book reviews since its inception in 1998. The
> Education Review is available on the web at
> The following books are in need of reviewers. If you are
> interested in being selected to review any of these books,
> please send your name and postal address and a short note
> regarding your research interests and expertise to
>                     Kate Paxton
>                 Editorial Assistant
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> Identify the book you wish to review. Please do not volunteer
> to review more than three books. We cannot fill all
> requests. Reviewers not selected will be kept on file for
> future opportunities. If you wish further details on any book listed 
> below, you should do an internet search on the book title plus author's 
> name.
> _________________________________________________________
> Baker, Joan M.
>       Achievement Testing in U.S. Elementary and Secondary Schools
> Barton, Keith C. (Ed.)
>       Research Methods in Social Studies Education: Contemporary Issues
>       and Perspectives
> Beck, Isabel L.
>       Making Sense of Phonics: The Hows and Whys
> Bekerman, Zvi (Ed.)
>       Learning in Places: The Informal Education Reader
> Bleedorn, Berenice
>       Education Is Everybody's Business: A Wake-Up Call to Advocates of
>       Educational Change
> Bowers, C.A.
>       The False Promises of Constructivist Theories of Learning: A
>       Global and Ecological Critique
> Callaghan, Daniel
>       Conservative Party Education Policies1976-1997: The Influence of
>       Politics and Personality
> Christakis, Alexander N.
>       How People Harness Their Collective Wisdom and Power to Construct
>       the Future in Co-Laboratories of Democracy
> Chronaki, Anna (Ed.)
>       Challenging Perspectives on Mathematics Classroom Communication
> Darby, Derrick
>       Hip Hop and Philosophy: Rhyme 2 Reason
> Dickinson, David K. (Ed.)
>        Handbook of Early Literacy Research, Volume 2
> Epstein, Kitty Kelly
>        A Different View of Urban Schools: Civil Rights, Critical Race
>        Theory, and Unexplored Realities
> Fisher, Robert
>       Teaching Children to Think
> Fisher, Robert
>       Teaching Children to Learn
> Gale, Trevor
>       Rough Justice: Young People in the Shadows
> Guadarrama, Irma (Ed.)
>       Professional Development Schools: Advances in Community Thought
>       and Research
> Hancock, Gregory R. (Ed.)
>       Structural Equation Modeling: A Second Course
> Hughes, Sherick A.
>       Black Hands in the Biscuits Not in the Classroom: Unveiling Hope
>       in a Struggle for Brown's Promise
> Jardine, David W.
>       Piaget & Education
> Kauffman, James
>       Special Education: What It Is and Why We Need It
> Kharem, Haroon
>       A Curriculum of Repression: A Pedagogy of Racial History in the
>       United States
> Kintisch, Shelly
>       Breaking Away From the Textbook: A Creative Approach to Teaching
>       American History
> Kochan, Frances (Ed.)
>       Creating Successful Telemarketing Programs
> Lofty, John S.
>        Quiet Wisdom: Teachers in the United States and England Talk
>        About Standards, Practice and Professionalism
> Lupi, Marsha H. (Ed.)
>        Special Women, Special Leaders: Special Educators and the
>        Challenge of Leadership
> MacArthur, Charles A. (Ed.)
>       Handbook of Writing Research
> Neville-Lynch, Marion
>       Reading Between the Lines: A Balanced Approach to Literacy
> Norment Jr., Nathaniel (Ed.)
>       Readings in African American Language: Aspects Features and
>       Perspectives, Volume 2
> Null, J. Wesley (Ed.)
>       Forgotten Heroes of American Education: The Great Tradition of
>       Teaching Teachers
> Pasquarelli, Susan Lee (Ed.)
>       Teaching Writing Genres Across the Curriculum: Strategies for
>       Middle School Teachers
> Rasmussen, Mary Louise
>       Becoming Subjects: Sexualities and Secondary Schooling
> Richardson, George H. (Ed.)
>       Troubling the Canon of Citizenship Education
> Robertson, Judith P. (Ed.)
>       Provocations: Sylvia Ashton-Warner and Excitability in Education
> Root, Susan (Ed.)
>       Improving Service-Learning Practice: Research on Models to Enhance
>       Impacts
> Russell, Michael
>       Technology and Assessment: The Tale of Two Interpretations
> Scanlon, Eileen (Ed.)
>       Reconsidering Science Learning
> Schwarzer, David (Ed.)
>       Research as a Tool for Empowerment: Theory Informing Practice
> Segall, Avner (Ed.)
>       Social Studies--The Next Generation: Re-searching the Postmodern
> Shelton, Kaye
>       An Administrator's Guide to Online Education
> Sternberg, Robert J. (Ed.)
>       Optimizing Student Success in School with the Other Three Rs:
>       Reasoning, Resilience, and Responsibility
> Subotnik, Rena F. (Ed.)
>       The Scientific Basis of Educational Productivity
> Sunal, Dennis W. (Ed.)
>       The Impact of State and National Standards on K-12 Science
>       Teaching
> Thomas, P. L.
>        Reading, Learning, Teaching Barbara Kingsolver
> Turner-Sadler, Joanne
>       African American History: An Introduction
> Urdan, Tim (Ed.)
>       Educating Adolescents: Challenges and Strategies
> Valentin, Karen
>       Schooling for the Future?: Educational Policy and Everyday Life
>       Among Urban Squatters in Nepal
> Vaughan, C. Edwin
>       Education and Rehabilitation for Empowerment
> Vrasidas, Charalambos (Ed.)
>       Preparing Teachers to Teach with Technology
> White, John
>        Intelligence, Destiny, and Education: The Ideological Roots of
>        Intelligence Testing
> Wong, Kenneth K. (Ed.)
>       Systemwide Efforts to Improve Student Achievement
> ___________________________________________________
> Gene V Glass, Editor
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> Kate Corby, Brief Reviews Editor
> Gustavo Fischman, Editor for Spanish & Portuguese
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