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NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT! House to vote on the worst reauthorization bill in
the history of the Higher Education Act. 

This Wednesday, the House Education Committee will bring the bill to
reauthorize the Higher Education Act (H.R.
>  609) to the full House of Representatives for final passage. The bill
federalizes transfer of credit, imposes price controls and excessive cost
reporting, eliminates important consumer protection and anti-fraud measures,
and threatens the independence of private and religious institutions by
allowing states to become accreditors. This legislation represents a giant
step backward for the nation's students and for American higher education. 

AACRAO has sought to work with Congress to improve this legislation, and
some improvements have indeed been made. Regrettably, however, the negatives
of the legislation far outweigh any positives, and we believe the bill, if
enacted, will undermine American higher education. 

Call your Representative's office in the House by noon on Wednesday and ask
them to vote "NO" on H.R. 609. 

To find your Representative, go to and enter
your zip code under "Elected Officials." Click on "info" under your House
Representative (on the right) for the direct number, or call the House
switchboard number (202-225-3121) and ask to be connected to your member's

Talking Points: 

Introduce yourself, and state the reason for your call: I call to oppose
H.R. 609, the bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act. I object to
provisions of the bill that: 

*	Federalize transfer of credit 
*	Impose government cost controls on colleges and universities 
*	Require unfunded, expensive and burdensome new reporting by colleges

*	Remove anti-fraud safeguards that protect students and taxpayers 
*	Allow states to exert control over private and
religiously-affiliated institutions by becoming accreditors 

Please note that the person with whom you will speak will not be an expert
in higher education policy. The purpose of the call is to record your
opposition, not to debate with the receptionist.



American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
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