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Policies and Procedures

Math Lab

Non-discriminatory Service
	The Math Lab serves all UVSC students, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, or ability, and assists them in improving their academic performance.


Terms of Employment
	Tutors are hired at the level of student employees which means they are hired as part-time employees without benefits, and they are scheduled based upon the employer's needs.  Tutors must complete Level 1 training by the end of first semester worked.  

Professional Conduct
	Tutors are representatives of the Math Lab, Academic Tutoring, and UVSC, whether or not they are aware they are being observed.  The way tutors dress, the words they use and the way they conduct themselves indicate to students and UVSC employees how dedicated they are as a tutor.  Tutors should always be polite, professional and positive to fellow workers as well as students.  It is important to develop and maintain professional relationships with students and faculty.  Always be professional when speaking about faculty and staff.

Dress Code
	Tutors will dress appropriately to maintain a professional atmosphere.  They should not wear to work clothing that is revealing, sloppy or ill-maintained .  Tutors should not wear baseball caps or other hats.  If there are questions as to appropriateness of clothing, tutors should contact the lab manager.

Cell Phone Use
	Tutors' personal cell phones are to be turned off during their shift.  Unattended, ringing cell phones are a distraction, and tutors are not to interrupt tutoring to answer a cell phone.

Computer Use
	The computers in the Academic Tutoring center are for tutoring services projects and online tutoring.   When not in use for AT purposes, tutors may have limited use for other academic work.  Any personal work should be saved to a floppy disk.  Academic Tutoring work should be saved to the appropriate network drive, not to the computer hard drive.
	Tutors are NEVER to download any software, media materials, games, etc.; to view inappropriate materials; or to use chat software on any lab computers.
	Printers may be used by tutors for official lab documents, or personal academic work that is a final draft to be turned in.  Do not print research from the internet, works in progress, emails or other personal printing.

Sexual Harassment
	UVSC defines sexual harassment as any unwanted conduct or communication of a sexual nature that adversely affects a person's education or employment opportunities, relationships or environment.  UVSC's policy is that all students and employees be allowed to study and work in an environment free from sexual harassment.  Any student or employee who engages in such activity shall be subject to disciplinary action.  If you have a sexual harassment complaint against another employee or a student, record detailed information and report it to the coordinator.  If you have a sexual harassment complaint against the coordinator, report it to the Equity Officer in the Personnel Office.
	As UVSC employees, tutors should be careful to avoid any behavior that may be interpreted as sexual harassment.  Keep in mind that not all students and employees have your same cultural and/or family background. It's best to avoid confusion by abstaining from any behavior or conversation that may be consider inappropriate.  Even actions such as patting a student on the shoulder may be offensive to some.  
	Flirting with students or other employees during work hours, consensual or otherwise, is not appropriate.


The following policies affect students who use the Math Lab.  Tutors should be aware of these policies and assist all employees in upholding them.

Even Solutions Manuals
	The Math Department has requested that students do not have access to even solutions manuals for the classes they teach.  These manuals are in the Math Lab specifically as a resource for tutors.  Students wanting to check answers to even problems must go to their instructors.  The Math department trusts us to uphold their policy.   Failure to do so could result in losing the privilege of having even solutions manuals.

Take-home Tests
	The Math Lab does not assist students with take-home tests in any way, regardless of whether or not the instructor approves.

	Children are not allowed in the Math Lab.

Cell Phones
	Students in the Math Lab are welcome to use cell phones provided they do not speak so loudly that they disturb others around them.  If a student answers a call while working with a tutor, the tutor will put that student's flag up and move on to help another student.

Difficult Situations
	If you encounter a difficult student or a confrontation, use your best judgment and request the help of others on duty, as well as the lab manager.  Do not tutor a student who makes you feel uncomfortable, has caused you problems in the past or doesn't work well with you.  You should not hesitate to ask another tutor, or the manager to tutor the student in your place.

Emergency Alarm
	In case of a fire alarm, direct students out the emergency exit.  Do not put away or lock up materials.  Make sure all students have vacated the lab before you leave.  Do not ignore the alarm.

Kathryn Van Wagoner
Director, Math Advantage Programs
Utah Valley State College

ad-van-tage   n.  A factor conducive to success.

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