I am responding specifically to Bill Holdman's rules in his lab, but this may be of interest to others.

I notice you have rules regarding downloading programs and changing settings on your computers.  We use a program called DeepFreeze  from  I don't know much about cost, installation, etc (our IT guy handles that).  When a computer has DeepFreeze set, everytime the computer is restarted, any changes to it are erased and put back to original settings.  It's rather handy.  We use it on any computer that students have access to, including our checkin computers that student employees work on.

Another idea:  I have table tents (plastic a-frame sign holders) that I put information on that I want students to know, ie. our mission statement, rules about cell phones and keeping conversations down to a dull roar, etc.   There is a tent on every table.


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