Here's a late Friday afternoon question:  Our new math lab coordinator
wants to pilot a modular, computer-based developmental math course next
fall. From the pool of all the developmental math students, he will have
to choose a handful for this pilot. He asked me if I have an inventory
or some such tool that would indicate a student's aptitude for that kind
of class. There are learning styles inventories that can suggest that a
student would have relative ease with visual (and perhaps kinesthetic?),
independent learning, but I'm wondering if there is something specific
for this kind of learning situation? So my questions are: 1. What are
the skills and/or predilections needed for success in a computer-based
modular class?  2. Are their instruments currently available to assess
these skills?

Thanks for your generosity in sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and
opinions (not necessarily in that order!).


Laura Symons
Coordinator of the Learning Center
Piedmont  Virginia Community College
501 College Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22902-7589
434 961 5310
* The only people with whom you 
should try to get even are those
who have helped you * 
- John E. Southard

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