At Green Mountain College our learning center is named for a former trustee...The Jose Calhoun Learning Center.  We are located on the third floor of the Griswold Library.  Our funding is internal.  Among those programs and services offered are:
	*	Counseling and monitoring of academic progress for students on an individual basis and, when appropriate, making referrals to related College departments.
	*	Offering and facilitating group sessions for students experiencing similar academic concerns.
	*	Coordinating the delivery of services for students with disabilities that impact academic performance including responding to requests for reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
	*	Conducting educational workshops designed to facilitate the mastery of study strategies and learning skills and to improve overall academic performance.
	*	Coordinating the College tutorial program in consultation with individual academic departments.
	*	Collaborating with existing College components including, but not limited to, Admissions, Athletics, First-Year Programs, International Students, and Resident Life to promote academic excellence and retention. 


Nancy D. Ruby
Director of Academic Support Services
Jose M. Calhoun Learning Center
Green Mountain College
1 College Circle
Poultney, Vermont,  05764
Phone 802-287-8287
Fax: 802-287-8288

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