Hi Susan,
As a member of NCLCA ( you get a copy of the most recent
Resource Directory. Inside it there is much information about centers
including organization and interests of members.

As for my center, we answer to both sides of the house since I oversee
Disability services (Student Affairs) and tutoring, etc (Academic
Affairs). We have a general budget for the center that is part of the
college wide support for the services. Please don't hesitate to contact
me off line if you need further information.
David Reedy, Director
The Learning Center at Rhodes State College
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> From: Susan Henderson <[log in to unmask]>
> Reply-To: Open Forum for Learning Assistance Professionals 
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> Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 15:01:47 -0700
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> Subject: name of your center? organization? funding?
> As my department undergoes reorganization, it would be helpful if you 
> could share with me:
> 1) The name of your center. (Learning center? Academic support center?
> Etc.)
> 2) Where you housed organizationally. (Student affairs, academic 
> department? Etc.)
> 3) If you have identified any external funding sources to finance 
> tutoring services.
> Sue Henderson
> Assistant Director, University College at the Polytechnic Campus
> 7001 East Williams Field Road
> Academic Center Building room 80, Mail Code 0180 Mesa, AZ  85212
> (480)727-1457 * fax (480)727-1714
> * 

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