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This is the job description for our "lead professional writing tutor."  She works with a group of about ten part-time writing tutors, all professionals.  We don't have peer tutoring for writing.

You'll see I've included the job description as text below in case you have difficulty opening the attachment; unfortunately the formatting becomes quirky.
Hope this helps!  

Faye Z. Ross
Director, Learning and Advising Center
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Philadelphia University
(215) 951-2730
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Lead Professional Writing Tutor
 Learning and Advising Center

Primary responsibilities:

	Implement writing tutoring program
o	Recruit, hire, train, supervise, evaluate professional writing tutors
o	Tutor writing in the Learning & Advising Center
o	Provide course-related workshops for faculty
o	Assist in publicizing writing tutoring
o	Oversee faculty feedback forms related to writing tutoring
o	Provide updated writing-related information for the Learning & Advising Center’s website

	Assist with program development, new initiatives, and outreach to the campus community, especially in areas related to writing

	Work closely with the School of General Studies and the director of the Writing Program to support faculty in writing across the curriculum

	Teach courses in the School of General Studies – no more than five courses per academic year

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Subject: Can you help? Writing Specialist Job Description

Do you use a degreed Writing Specialist type position in your Writing
Center or Learning Support Center?

I am the Tutor Program Coordinator at San Juan Community College in
Farmington, New Mexico.  San Juan College serves over 10,000 students a
year from the Four Corners states.  

We have had a walk-in writing center for the past 5 years which is
staffed with peer and degreed tutors. The Writing Center was born
through the dream and hard work of several key English faculty members.
In addition to offering the normal one-on-one sessions offered in this
type of center, we have expanded our services by offering in-class
documentation and writer's workshops, and a pilot On-Line Tutor (OWL).  

Our program has grown to the point where we feel it is necessary to hire
a degreed Writing Specialist to coordinate our OWL and expand our
in-class workshop offerings.  It is the time in our budget process to
request new positions.  If you have a similar position at your
institution, I am interested in knowing what they do, how it works,
etc., etc., etc.  

I appreciate any feedback you can give me.


Susan Grimes
Tutor Program Coordinator
San Juan College
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM 87401
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