I would like to piggyback on Ron's request.  We are interested in using
supplemental (F2F) face to face prescriptives and curriculum and (CAI)
computer-aided instruction for tutorial assistance with developmental
math students. 


We currently use PLATO.  Has anyone used Hawkes Learning Systems with
developmental math students?


Also, we have been working with our math department and would like to
use a prescriptive and mini-assessment tool in tutoring with our
developmental math students.  Is anyone aware of a commercial product we
can explore?  Our thought is the instructor would prescribe a certain
aspect, e.g. fractions or negative numbers, for a student who would come
to the tutoring center for directed instruction on the prescribed topic.
We can create the prescriptives and assessments, but prefer to avoid
reinventing the wheel.  


I, too, am open to anything you can share on face to face and CAI
supplemental instruction for developmental math students.

Thanks much,


Susan Grimes

Tutor Program Coordinator

San Juan College Student Success Center





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We are looking for recommendations on CAI (computer-aided instruction)
for use with developmental students both in traditional f2f classrooms
and for distance students.  If you have any experience with programs
please contact me with your experiences, your recommendations, and your
ideas regarding these programs.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this issue.




Ronald D. Illingworth



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