We are a developmental task force contemplating using Compass for
assessment testing for incoming freshmen. We are a small, rural liberal
arts 4 year university with 1100 student population and 300 incoming
freshmen each year


We would like to know the following:  


1) How is testing (individual off campus, or mass or small group on
campus) handled at your institution? ie. the logistics 


2) What do you find are the strengths and weaknesses of Compass? 


3) Why did you choose Compass over Accuplacer?


Your input would be much appreciated.  


Gillian M. Boyce, Ed.D.

Director, Academic Success Center

University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Hanley 202

300 Campus Drive

Bradford, PA 16701

Tel: 814-362-7674

Fax: 814-362-7684 


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