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	Date: 	23 March 2006 2:19:20 PM
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dear friends and colleagues,

apologies for double posting; I sent a similar message yesterday, but  
have not seen it posted, so here an updated version:

down under in Australia, we have just established a new association  
representing professionals in the filed of Academic Language &  
Learning. It's the:

Association for Academic Language and Learning (AALL) Incorporated

Mission and goals
AALL is committed to promoting and providing academic language and  
learning development through policies, practices and research that  
build, enhance and extend teaching and learning opportunities for all  
students and staff in tertiary education settings.
The goals of AALL are to:
•	facilitate communication and collaboration among AALL members and to  
provide a forum for the discussion of policy, practice and research,  
especially through channels such as unilearn and the association’s  
state-based affiliates,
•	work towards institutional environments which provide the highest  
quality of learning experiences for all students and for all staff,
•	support the development of core, disciplinary academic and  
professional skills and attributes in all tertiary education students,
•	foster the recognition of the academic nature of the work of language  
and learning development through individual and collaborative research  
within and across tertiary institutions nationally and internationally,
•	promote quality, diversity, internationalisation and flexibility in  
language and learning development,
•	use publications and conferences to inform the wider academic  
community about the philosophies and practices of language and learning  
development in tertiary education, and
•	act as a lobbying body on issues relevant to AALL  members.

Names of Centres/Units in our country vary considerably. Below is a  
complete list of 'ALL' centres at all Australian universities,  
including their web site which may refer to 'mission statements'.

00. Australian Universities
Academic Language & Learning centres/units &
(March 2006)

(in alphabetic order by university)

01. Australian Catholic University
Academic Skills Unit 

02. Australian National University
Academic Skills & Learning Centre

03. Central Queensland University
Communications Learning Centre

04. Charles Darwin University
Support & Equity Services

05. Charles Sturt University
Learning Skills

06. Curtin University of Technology
Student Learning Support Centre

07. Deakin University
Academic Skills

08. Edith Cowan University
Academic Skills

09. Flinders University
Student Learning Centre

10. Griffith University
Learning Services

11. James Cook University
Learning Centre

12. La Trobe University
Language & Academic Skills (ESL) Unit

13. Macquarie University
English for Academic Purposes

14. Monash University
Language & Learning Services Unit

15. Murdoch University
Teaching & Learning Centre

16. Queensland University of Technology
Teaching & Learning Support Services

17. RMIT
Learning Skills Unit

18. Southern Cross University
Learning Assistance Centre

19. Swinburne University
English Language Centre

20. University of Adelaide
Language & Learning Service

21. University of Ballarat
International Student Learning Support

22. University of Canberra
Academic Skills Program

23. University of Melbourne
Language & Learning Skills Unit

24. University of New England
Academic Skills Office

25. University of New South Wales
The Learning Centre

26. University of Newcastle
Learning Support Program

27. University of Queensland
Learning Assistance

28. University of South Australia
Learning Connection

29. University of Southern Queensland
Academic Learning Support

30. University of Sydney
Learning Centre

31. University of Tasmania
Flexible Education Unit

32. University of Technology, Sydney
ELSSA Centre

33. University of the Sunshine Coast
Academic Skills

34. University of Western Australia
Learning, Language & Research Skills Unit

35. University of Western Sydney
Learning Skills Unit

36. University of Wollongong
Learning Development

37. Victoria University
Student Learning Unit

list compiled by: [log in to unmask]

Director, ELSSA Centre
Public Officer, Association for Academic Language & Learning (AALL)

University of Technology, Sydney
PO box 123, BROADWAY, 2007 NSW - Australia

phone: 	+61 2 9514 2325
fax: 		+61 2 9514 2321
mobile:	0408 269 799


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