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Hello all,

I am starting to receive replies...thanks to those of you who have 
replied, and I will be sending individual emails to you shortly. 
However, some of you have raised my awareness re: certain issues, and I 
therefore would like to give a bit more overview of this study (not too 
much...don't worry) to see if you can give me a bit more detailed feed 
back. Here goes:

This will not be an artificial network -- or at least we hope not. It 
really depends on our sampling strategy, I suppose. Here's the study, 
and maybe you could advise...

Our site is a national park. The topic is 'land management'. There are 
many different stakeholders we wish to interview and gather data on, 
including SNA data among stakeholders and information on how 
stakeholders make decisions re: land management. We would like to 
combine these two sets of information (SNA data and decision-making 
data) in ABM. So, here are some of the questions:

1. We do not really have a sampling frame...we'll be getting our sample 
through a combination of snowball sampling and theoretical sampling. I'm 
worried about the representativeness of the sample...any thoughts?

2. In addition, I understand that ABM is going to need a pretty large N. 
What I'm wondering, in the worse case scenario where we can not get 
this, could we use a combination of a 'real-life' model (based on our 
data) and some of the SNA models currently in existence (e.g. small 
world, scale-free, etc.)? Or even, could the data we've gathered act as 
a model, and then we could some how randomly increase the size of N 
based on this (smaller) sample?

3. Finally, are there other issues/problems I should be aware of in 
combing SNA and ABM in the way I've outlined above? I'll be going 
through the readings people have suggested, but perhaps, based on the 
information I've given here, you could point me towards more specific 
readings on this topic?

Best wishes, Christina

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