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While on the subject of *nix, can anyone point me at a *nix-friendly 
library (Java/Perl/Python preferably, C, C++ if must be) (hopefully 
optimized!) of SNA/graph-related functions? Not so concerned about 
input/output and representation -- there's plenty of code out there for 
that -- I'm hoping for something which will efficiently calculate some 
of the 'standard' SNA things: centrality measures, keyplayer, in- and 
out-degree etc... basically, the core of something like UCINET minus the 
interface, and preferably in library format (rather than an application 
source listing which I would need to strip apart and rebuild!). Even 
nicer if build on a robust numerical methods package to make it easier 
to build up other operations without having to start too low level...?

Hoping for the stars? Maybe -- I can't find what I'm looking for online, 
but suspect a few of you might have tips!


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